Utility Construction Safety and Oversight Services

At Utilities Oversight Services, Inc., our inspectors monitor your project’s schedule and adherence, including the reading of blueprints to ensure the accuracy of project plans and specifications. We also maintain project records, which includes sending daily and weekly inspection logs and reports as well as photographing all of the construction phases.

In addition, we act as a point of contact in the field, working closely with project managers and engineers alike. We also offer other oversight services:

  • Transmission Construction & Maintenance OH and UG Inspections
    Substation Construction & Maintenance Inspections
    Distribution Construction & Maintenance OH and UG Inspections

  • Construction Site Civil and Prep Activity Oversight

  • Storm Restoration Assessors with Drivers
    Storm Restoration Oversight
    with Certified Personnel

  • Safety Observation Weekly/Daily Reporting

  • Best Management Practices and Environmental Safety Oversight


The Need for Oversight in the Utilities Sector

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The utilities sector plays an integral role in everything that we do. From water, sewer, gas, fiber/Telecommunication to electricity, this industry has a fundamental impact on our day-to-day lives. This is why it is vital that the companies providing these utilities comply with safety standards and other regulations.

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